Plan "P" Kit + Wash
$64.99 $45.00
Plan "P" Kit + Wash
Struggling with a sourpuss?Our all-natural trio is all you need to get your coochie care under control.Girlfriend, we heard that sit-down wind is something else! We know you're tired of turning down the kitty calls, the constant squat surveillance, and...
$64.99 $45.00
Plan "P" Vaginal Suppository
Vagina-Loving Boric Acid Suppositories made from 600mg medical grade boric acid. Boric Acid is proven to be 80 percent more effective than traditional prescriptions in healing BV, yeast infections, itching, odors, and irritations. Vegan Capsules made with plant-based materials free...
Plan “P” Kit
Stinky Kitty keeping you from Baddie Status? Clapback with the help of pHreshRX "Plan P" Vaginal Suppository.Girlfriend, it's time to rethink your coochie care!No, seriously; You thought you had to stick it out, treating chronic vaginal infection with antibiotics and...
15 minutes ago, from Houston,Tx
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